Learning an Instrument Provides Intellectual Adventure

When you see a musician live in concert, don’t you think Man, I wish I could play guitar? Thankfully, you can. Whether you consider yourself musical or not, learning to play an instrument is possible for anybody. Plus, the act of learning to play an instrument provides incredible benefit, both tangible and intangible.

The process of learning a new skill requires time and dedication, and an instrument is no different. You have to work practice into your daily routine. This simple act instills a new sense of purpose in your life and accomplishing daily or weekly practices fosters confidence in your ability to complete a task.

Once you become proficient at this new instrument, something physically happens to your brain. The left and right sides connect on a more complex level. Your brain begins to think in different ways and you literally become more intelligent, simply by the act of learning to play an instrument.

Then, when you play your newly-learned instrument in front of people, they comment on how good you are and how they wish they could play the guitar like you. This instills a sense of confidence within you, which motivates you to practice more, which makes you better at that instrument.

So, buy a cheap instrument from a garage sales or local music shop and begin watching YouTube how-to videos to get you started.

Overall, learning to play an instrument provides another creative outlet and it brings one more skill into your personality, which fosters a more confident identity.

*By: Tom Malone
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