ROAM’s Silicone Rings Lessen Adventure Stress

Tom Malone/Adventure Tribune
Disclaimer: ROAM provided us with gear to sample; however, all opinions and experiences are our own.

I love my wedding ring; it’s a consistent reminder of the symbolism of commitment. Its white gold composition gleams in the sunlight; the precious metal also reminds me of the value of marriage. On the rare occasions when I take it off, my finger feels bare, small, and uncomfortable.

However, when I embark on certain adventures, my ring gives me slight anxiety. When I adventure into the deep wilderness, I know that if my ring falls off, I’ll never be able to find it again. When I go into a lake or ocean, the fear of my ring sinking to the bottom makes me cringe. But, I don’t like to remove my ring because it feels weird.

Recently, I’ve found an alternative. On these types of adventures, I’ve left my wedding ring at home and replaced it with a silicone ring from ROAM. This ring gives me the comfort of having my wedding ring without the fear of losing it.

The silicone ring’s composition allows it to sustain the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of any adventurer. I’ve slammed my ROAM ring into a few trees while hiking and the quality hasn’t been compromised.

The rings come in a few colors, which allows you to change up your outdoor style when you feel so inclined. I have the gray and red versions, but they come in black, green, and blue as well.

I use my ROAM ring often when I’m out on an adventure that might endanger my wedding ring, but I’ve started wearing it on my other hand even when I do wear my wedding ring because of its lightweight, comfortable fit.

The rings do fit snug (my wedding ring size is a 9.5, but I wear a 10 in ROAM rings). Since it’s crafted from silicone, the ring will stretch to fit, much more so than a metal ring will. This means that the ring will also permanently loosen just a bit.

ROAM crafts women's rings that feature slightly different colors; though i can't technically speak to the quality of the women's rings, I can bet that they're extremely similar to the men's versions in terms of rugged composition and genuine comfort.

Overall, I’ve genuinely enjoyed my silicone ring as an alternative to my wedding ring. At a price point of $12 for one ring ($20 for two rings and $30 for three rings), the investment as a safety net seems worth the value.


Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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