What Foods To Avoid In Order To Sustain An Active Lifestyle

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Certain foods can lead to lower energy levels. What foods, you ask? All the ones that taste too good to be true.

First, avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup. The lab-processed ingredient lingers in soda, candy, chips, and everything else that tastes “magically delicious”. This ingredient provides no nutritional value and adds empty calories that enhance weight gain, which drops confidence instantly.

Second, avoid unnecessary sugar. Again, soda, cereal, and juice (cocktail) contain ridiculous amounts of sugar, which spikes energy levels for a limited time frame, and then drops energy levels to devastating depths. Without a sustained high energy level, confidence drops.

Third, avoid gluten when possible. Wheat itself isn’t bad for the human body, but research finds that most of today’s wheat is genetically modified. When genetically modified wheat enters the body, the body struggles to break down the enzymes, which results in confusion of body processes, furthering drops in confidence levels.

In short, avoid any food that isn’t natural. Strive to eat a wide variety of natural fruits, vegetables, and proteins, while ensuring plenty of water intake.

*By: Tom Malone
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