"Unbounded" Documentary Follows Trekkers Through Patagonia's Unknown Trails

Unbounded/VentureLife Films
Unbounded, a documentary that follows four trekkers through the unknown Greater Patagonian Trail, releases its first official trailer.

Imagine trekking for 700 kilometers through of some of the world’s toughest and most unforgiving terrain with more than 50 pounds of gear on your back for four months. Now, imagine filming the entire journey.

Enter: Unbounded.

Unbounded is a feature-length adventure-travel documentary that follows a four-member crew along the Greater Patagonian Trail. Though it’s the longest continuous trail in South America, it remains relatively unknown and unexplored.

The filmmakers/adventurers were completely unaided during their trek, where they hiked and pack-rafted through the entirety of the legendary Patagonia territory.

Unbounded captures stunning footage of snow-capped mountains, barren deserts, dense forests, and active volcanoes. The documentary focuses on conveying the region’s visual majesty, the culture and history of the Andean people, and the simple-yet-perilous journey of a backpacker.

Unbounded/VentureLife Films
The independent film has production value. VentureLife Films produced the project through director Garrett Martin, who was selected by the Creation International Film Festival for his previous documentary, Beyond Travel.

The remainder of the crew included a wide array of talent and unique skillsets that allowed Unbounded to flourish. Aljoscha Adam, an adventurer who has worked in German television, brought filmmaking skills to the production. Robyn Mclellan worked as the group’s Spanish translator, which allowed the crew to interview 15 Spanish-speaking locals and experts. Anthony Brogno served as the wilderness guide for the four-month journey through Patagonia.

The crew, which shares a passion for the outdoors and the preservation of natural beauty, decided to give the film an overarching focus of conservation. The film aims to “raise awareness of the need to preserve this untamed, but delicate environment,” according to Martin.

The creators of Unbounded decided to push their conservation efforts even further. “A portion of the film's proceeds will go towards environmental organizations in Chile to help protect and maintain the land and rivers of this unique part of the world,” Martin said.

This independent project captured awe-inspiring landscapes, captivating people of the region, and astounding information from the world’s leading environmental scientists. The passion and dedication to exposing the untamed, beautiful wilderness of Patagonia comes through in the film.

Since the project was independently funded, the Unbounded crew plans to fund their documentary and its promotion through a Kickstarter campaign. The documentary trailer is finally released, which should hold us over until the final release of the film.


Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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