Reflections Of Humantay Lake In The Peruvian Andes Mountains

Grant Allen/Adventure Tribune
The Adventure Tribune crew climbs to Humantay Lake from their basecamp below Salktantay Mountain during a five-day trek through the Andes to Machu Picchu.

CUSCO - As we climbed to the top of the trail, we entered a bowl surrounded by the Andes Mountains. To our right stood a mountain that reached above 20,000 feet. Its glaciers were frozen blue.

The glacier runoff flowed down the rock into a small, perfectly clear, yet reflective pool. The colors popped, and the environment remain still and silent.

In this moment, we were captured by the silent serenity of the isolated mountains deep in the heart of Peru. Nothing moved. The next day, we would push onward with our Salktantay Trail adventure, but for now, we reveled in the peace of simply resting.

As we descended this nearly 14,000-foot lake, we were reminded of the reason we embarked on this journey through the wilderness, to capture and get lost in the beauty of new environments.


Grant Allen is a writer and photographer based in Portland, Oregon, where he adventures through the Pacific Northwest rain regularly. Allen, an Eagle Scout, uses his adventure training to capture stunning photography and detailed descriptions of his explorations.
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