The 15 Safest Countries To Visit This Year

Tom Malone/Adventure Tribune
Here are the 15 safest countries to travel to this year based on Global Peace Index statistics.

Each year, the Institute for Global Economics and Peace analyzes data from 163 countries to determine each country’s safety rating in an effort to enhance the world’s overall level of peace as a means to economic prosperity.

This year’s study determined that the world saw an increase in peace since last year’s study, but it has seen a drop in overall peace levels over the course of the last ten years.

In order to determine their ranking, the study collects three overall sectors of peace-related data from each country: level of harmony or discontent within a country, continuing internal or external conflict, and overall militarization. Within each sector, there are dozens of factors that give each country a comparative ranking (violent crime rate, displaced people, incarceration percentages, etc.).

This year, Syria ranked lowest on the list at number 163. The United States dropped 11 spots and came in at 114 of 163, though its neighbor to the North ranked in the top 15.

Here are the 15 countries that scored the highest in peace and safety this year. The closer a country earn to a 1.0 score, the more peaceful that country ranks.


15. Hungary (1.494)
Hungary’s slight ranking of violent crime and incarceration gave it a number 15 ranking, but its low access to weapons and close ties with the United Nations pushes it onto the list.

14. Norway (1.486)
This politically stable country ranked low in terms of internal conflict and violent crime, giving it a peaceful ranking; however, it is one of the leading weapons exporters and ranked slightly high on the access-to-weapons chart.

13. Bhutan (1.474)
This otherwise peaceful country features slight political instability and incarceration percentages, barely edging it out of the top 10.

12. Australia (1.425)
With little violent crime, internal conflict, and political instability, the one-time prison colony weighs in as one of the most peaceful countries to visit. Its amount of weapons imports bump it just out of reach of the top 10.

T-10. Japan (1.408)
Its low violent crime rate and low access to weapons makes Japan one of the safest places in the world. Weighing against it are its nuclear capacity and tensions with neighboring North Korea.

T-10. Ireland (1.408)
Though Ireland does have a history of violent demonstrations and internal conflict (mainly related to British rule), the country now ranks peacefully with internal conflict and external relations with its European neighbors.

9. Switzerland (1.373)
Though Switzerland ranks high in weapons exports, it reputation for being neutral plays into its favor in just about every other category of peace, from political stability and internal conflict to neighboring country relations.

8. Canada (1.371)
Canada’s low rate of violent crime and internal conflict illustrate the country’s aura of peace and happiness.

7. Slovenia (1.364)
Though it does feature a slightly high percentage of armed personnel presence, the country has a low violent crime, political instability, and access-to-weapons ranking.

6. Czech Republic (1.360)
Its high percentage of incarcerations and violent demonstrations didn’t outweigh its extremely low violent crime rate, political stability, and absence of internal conflict.

5. Denmark (1.337)
Ranking low on violent crime, political instability, and access to weapons gave Denmark a top 5 ranking.

4. Austria (1.265)
With essentially no internal conflict and complete political stability, this European country ranks as one of the world’s safest.

3. Portugal (1.258)
Though it does feature a disproportionate amount of armed personnel presence compared to some of the other countries on the list, Portugal ranked ridiculously low in every other category of peace and safety.

2. New Zealand (1.241)
This island nation features a low crime rate, little internal or external conflict, and low access to weapons, making it the list’s second most peaceful country.

1. Iceland (1.111)
With low crime rates, militarization, and terrorist threats, Iceland ranks first on the list. Add in its peaceful relations with all of its neighboring countries, and it seems that Iceland is the place to truly relax.


Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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