15 Reasons Why Moab Is The Adventure Capital Of The World

Tom Malone/Adventure Tribune
Hardcore adventurers call Moab "The Adventure Capital of the World." Here's why they're right.

MOAB, Utah - About 45 minutes south of Interstate 25 near the Utah-Colorado border, we come across the first sign of civilization we've seen in this otherwise desolate wasteland: a gas station. We pull over and fill the car, assuming that nothing else will appear for an undetermined amount of time.

As we drive further, the canyons begin to rise, the desert gets hotter, and then, we enter the dusty town of Moab. We pass endless adventure opportunities on our way to our motel; I instantly regret staying in Moab as a one-night stop-over on this southwestern road trip. I should have stayed there all week. The adventure experience that Moab provided continues to keep me coming back for more.

Moab features all kinds of adventure opportunities, from the most insane, adrenaline-pumping adventures, to fun-for-the-whole-family adventures. Here are 15 of the coolest things to do in Moab.

1. Arches National Park
One of the coolest parks in the National Park system, Arches features dozens of naturally formed red rock arches that took millennia to form. The scenery makes you feel like you're on Mars. The park is full of hiking trails, backpacking spots (permit required), and photography pull-overs. Allow an entire day for this one.

2. Skydive
If you've never experienced the rush of skydiving, Moab is the place to do it. With wide open spaces, insane views, and plenty of skydiving companies to choose from, you won't be disappointed. The weather is usually sunny and calm, so event the timid skydiver can rest easy.

3. Whitewater Raft
The Colorado River runs through the center of Moab and provides endless whitewater rapids paired with calm stretches of river. Plus, the views and canyons are incredible. This one is fun for the whole family.

4. ATV
The wide open environment of Moab makes it the perfect area to cruise around on an ATV. Take a guided tour, or rent your own through one of the many companies that operate out of Moab.

5. Mountain Bike
Along with thousands of hiking trails, Moab also features even more mountain bike areas. Depart directly from the town on your bike, or drive a ways to find some hidden treasures.

6. Canyonlands National Park
Across the street from Arches is the entrance to Canyonlands, another one of the coolest parks in the U.S. park system. Take another entire day to explore this one, as the landscapes are totally different from the park across the street.

7. Moab Brewery
This small town has hand-crafted some quality brew. Check out the adventure-themed Moab Brewery, which serves up a few delicious pints "geared" toward adventurers.

8. Kayak
If a leisurely, family-friendly rafting trip is a little too tame for you, check out the solo kayaking trips along the rougher sections of the Colorado River.

9. Stand-Up Paddleboarding
Calm parts of the Colorado River and various stagnant water sources allow people to paddleboard while enjoying the sunny, red rock environment surrounding Moab.

10. Zip Line
Moab is full of adventure parks, ropes courses, and epic zip lines. Strap up and zoom across this desert landscape and experience the thrill of flying.

11. Jeep Tour
Rent a Jeep, or book a tour driver, and take off through the rugged trails that overlook some of the world's coolest views.

12. Horseback Riding
Hop on a horse and ride through an environment that will make you feel like John Wayne in a western film. Whether you're a professional rider or you've never seen a horse, you'll find a ride that fits your skill level.

13. Fly Fishing
Check out dozens of different prime fly fishing locations along the Colorado River. Go with a fishing guide, or just bring your rod and find a spot yourself. Either way, you'll enjoy the process.

14. Explore Ancient Rock Art
Moab is home to some timeless art. So timeless, in fact, that it's prehistoric. Cruise through some of the area's isolated canyons and discover some ancient rock art from the cultures that have lived and passed through Moab for centuries.

15. Rock Climb
Surrounded by so many rock formations means that rock climbing of any kind is readily available. Rent some gear, or bring your own, and jet out into the rocks to find some cool places to climb.

Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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