Children Lead The Way In Cusco's Winter Solstice Festival, Inti Raymi

Grant Allen/Adventure Tribune
Children in Cusco spend weeks preparing for the Inti Raymi festival so they can parade through the city streets to tell Cusco's story.

CUSCO, Peru - As the future of Peru's cultural capital city, school children participate in the Winter Solstice parades each year. The Winter Solstice was a sacred holiday for the Andean people; celebrations pre-date the Inca. Now, with a blend of Incan and Spanish cultural diffusion, the youth of Cusco come out as the centerpieces of the daily parades that precede the astrological event.

Each night, as the sun sets, students leave school and flock the streets to practice traditional dances, parade maneuvers, and songs that depict the history of the people of Cusco. Families watch the practices, and students seem to take great pride in their chance to participate.

For more information about Cusco's Winter Solstice festival (Inti Raymi) visit The Adventure Tribune's in-depth showcase.


Grant Allen is a writer and photographer based in Portland, Oregon, where he adventures through the Pacific Northwest rain regularly. Allen, an Eagle Scout, uses his adventure training to capture stunning photography and detailed descriptions of his explorations.
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