About Us
The Adventure Tribune strives to make adventure accessible to everyone. We define adventure as any journey that we make in life, whether physical, personal, or informational. We aim to produce content that allows our readers to seek adventure boldly in order for our readers to gain a deeper understanding about the world around them. The Adventure Tribune holds itself to the highest journalistic standards and ethics in order to foster confidence and trust between our staff and our readers. We encourage feedback and open dialogue in order to produce high-quality content that promotes adventure of all kinds.


The Adventure Tribune's staff includes writers, photographers, and experts from across the country. See below for biographical and contact information for our contributors.


Tom Malone

Adventure Base: Denver, Colorado
Twitter: @HeyTomMalone
Instagram: @HeyTomMalone

Tom Malone founded The Adventure Tribune in 2015 as an avenue to write about global adventure. He has served as Editor-In-Chief of Ad Venture Productions, and Oregon-based travel writing company, since 2012. Malone's writing has appeared in other publications, including The Magazine of Sigma Chi, The Oregon Daily Emerald, and The Oregon Resource Guide. Currently, Malone teaches Social Studies and English at the secondary level, coaches lacrosse, and writes novels (see list of of published works). He earned his bachelor's degree in journalism and history at University of Oregon and his master's degree in teaching at University of Portland.


Grant Allen

Adventure Base: Portland, Oregon
Twitter: @GrantA22
Instagram: @GrantA22

Grant Allen attended University of Oregon, where he studied advertising and mastered his affinity for adventure. Allen is an Eagle Scout, hunter, fisherman, and backpacking aficionado. His love for the outdoors has taken him to every hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest, along with trips to Europe and other corners of the United States. Currently, the Portland, Oregon native works in marketing for Oregon's agriculture industry, coaches high school lacrosse, and continues to ski Oregon's mountains as much as possible. To follow Allen's outdoor photography, visit his Instagram page, @GrantA22.


Casey Harlow
Writer/Photographer/Radio Host

Adventure Base: Honolulu, Hawaii
Twitter: @CaseyHarlow
Instagram: @IAmCharlow

Casey Harlow is a D.J./producer for Hawaii Public Radio and KTUH, both based in Honolulu, Hawaii. His expertise in radio production and script-writing comes from his experiences with multiple radio stations in Oregon and Hawaii (where he was born and raised). The University of Oregon graduate majored in Film Studies, where he cultivated his aptitude for film production and critique. His beach-side upbringing provided ample opportunities for photography experimentation and instilled a love for outdoor adventures. For more about Harlow, visit his Twitter page, @CaseyHarlow.


David Griffin

Adventure Base: Denver, Colorado
Twitter: @DavidKGriffin
Instagram: @DavidKGriffin12

David Griffin is a behavioral economist in Denver. Throughout his life, he has lived in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and the Carolinas, though he completed his Economics degree at the University of Oregon. In his manual transmission Jeep Wrangler, he has traveled across the country numerous times - moving between the East Coast, West Coast, and back again. His travels along the West Coast and East Coast shores have given him an unparalleled perspective on American geography and the adventure that comes with an epic road trip. For more about Griffin, visit his LinkedIn page, @DavidGriffin12.