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How We Operate
The Adventure Tribune utilizes all original content from our contributors around the globe. We focus primarily on written and photographic media, with supplemental videos. Our media provides adventurers with information and inspiration to fuel exploration endeavors of any degree via desktop and mobile platforms. We consider adventure to be any journey that we make in life, whether physical, personal, or informational. The Adventure Tribune holds itself to the highest journalistic standards and ethics. Our parent company, Adventure Tribune Media LLC, produces other publications, such as novels, but The Adventure Tribune remains its only consistently updated magazine.

The Adventure Tribune Story
As a college student, Tom Malone studied abroad in Oviedo, Spain, where he visited as many countries as possible and acquired the desire to explore the world. Upon his return to University of Oregon, he began to travel within the United States with three friends and key influencers: Grant Allen, Casey Harlow, and David Griffin. Allen, an Eagle Scout and advertising student, developed a knack for photography and exploration of the Oregon wilderness. Harlow, a Honolulu-born UO film student and college radio DJ, provided technical skills, writing ability, and multimedia expertise. Griffin, an East Coaster, utilized his multiple cross-country road trips to develop photography skills and a broad perspective about the country.

These four UO graduates utilized their adventures both with and without each other to formulate a plan: continue adventuring boldly throughout the world and encourage others to do the same. Thus, The Adventure Tribune was born.

From different locations throughout the U.S., the magazine’s four main contributors collaborate over multimedia platforms to share their adventure expertise with the world. They continue to explore the world and share their experiences with anyone who considers themself an adventurer.

For more information from and photographs of our contributors, visit our Contributors page. To contact The Adventure Tribune, send an email to

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Adventure Tribune Media’s Other Publications
Though The Adventure Tribune remains Adventure Tribune Media’s main focus, the company publishes full-length books in both print and e-book formats. Click here for more information about our variety of publications.

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